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NBD International Inc
Date: Jan 31st, 2017

Welcome to 2017!

As we close out the first month of 2017, NBD International’s President, Jack Schwartz reflected upon the past year and shared his thoughts about what lies ahead for 2017.

In 2015, NBD’s Management team, determined to believe in the dedication and longevity of our staff and company values, believed that “The Insurance Restoration Marketplace” was about to enter a period of restructuring, regarding how vendors and insurance companies would service their policy owner claims. Therefore, contrary to prevailing logic, the company and assets were not sold, and Jack Schwartz and Mickey Bodi chose to delay retirement in hope that the management team and staff could be equipped for this exciting and ever challenging restoration marketplace.

How NBD is Changing

Throughout 2016, NBD International was challenged from within, and with new jobs. The challenge was to add to our specialty services, water mitigation and reconstruction required by the restoration market place transforming into wanting “single source solutions”. The demands placed upon those working in the restoration industry have become very demanding. As a result, many companies in our market have or are closing. During 2016 NBD spent made the investment to join and become a part of four new market initiatives to develop additional new business sources.

We’re up to the Challenges of 2017

2017, holds new and adventurous opportunities. The transforming insurance and restoration demands will be a part of the challenge. Having participated on a national platform, with the transformation that took place within the banking and utility industries 80’s, Jack Schwartz says, “I can assure you that the companies, like Cisco Systems, who prevailed and had high market credibility did very well”. There will be new opportunities as we meet the challenge to prevail and do well this year.

On behalf of Jack, Mickey and the entire staff at NBD International, we wish for each of you a successful and safe New Year. We also thank each of our customers for your faith, loyalty and business throughout 2016.

2017 is looking strong!

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