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Minimizing Business Interruption

Any damage to your business can quickly impact everything you and your staff have worked hard to build. When fire, water or a natural disaster brings your business to a halt, your reaction will be to save what you can and get back into operation. Call NBD for that immediate response. With access to more than 15,000 technicians nationwide and the largest fleet of vehicles and equipment in the country, we can secure damaged property and get you back in business quickly.

Document and Media Recovery

Your data, in the form of paper files, electronic files and film, are crucial to getting your business back up and running. Our unique and specialized services of document recovery and media restoration has made us the leader in recovery of this important information when it is damaged by fire, water or other catastrophe.

Fire Damage

NBD mobilizes quickly to assess damage to your equipment and machinery, as well as office equipment, so that we can bring these items back to working order. Our goal is to ensure minimal interruption of business operations. Our technicians are trained to work under adverse conditions and in high pressure situations. We will look at options for replacing or restoring equipment, and we have the flexibility to restore on site.

Water Damage

Even a small amount of moisture can affect electronics. We respond immediately to your business assessing damage to all items that you rely on to keep your business running. We use state-of-the-art techniques to remove all traces of moisture from your facility, and the SteraMisttm room disinfection system, to ensure there is no mold, mildew or odor when you reopen.

Inventory Services

Saving your company data is crucial to getting your business back into operation, but we at NBD also understand that you must be able to replace what cannot be saved if your business is to operate efficiently. We are the market leader in streamlining the inventory process, including the stock held in business warehouses. We assist to help you accurately total loss items.

Insurance Claims

Our experienced professionals understand the burden an insurance claim adds to the process of recovery and repair after a disaster. We use industry approved specific software to detail damage to your business, so that you and your insurance adjuster have all necessary information. Our experts take care of the insurance details so you can focus on your business, and often we can shorten the claim process.

Our phones are answered live around the clock. We provide emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to minimize damage to your business and reduce your loss.
Our professional board up and tarping services protect your business from additional damage from environmental elements or from vandalism. We have equipment and resources to secure your premises.
Our practice of working with business owners and managers during cleaning and repair avoids cross contamination and keeps businesses running during the repair process.
Our experts arrive immediately after your loss to assess the condition of your business assets and equipment, and formulate a plan for repair, restoration or replacement, thereby minimizing business interruption.
Our technicians are trained to work in adverse conditions and under pressure. They will repair and restore your equipment on site when possible, working within your operations so you can limit your down time.
We have the technical expertise and experience to recover important electronic data from computers, as well as restoring media and film in digital and tape format. We also restore historic documents and paper records and files.
We are the leader in electronic capture of inventory and replacement pricing. We assist to help you get fair value for your assets, including older equipment and business stock.

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